Download Datasheet  
LCD 2.7" graphical LCD  
Resolution 192 x 64  
LCD Backlight  
Line 12  
Wall Mounting  
Foot Stand 2 adjustable angles  
USB Port (2.0 compliant) x  
Ethernet Port Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet  
Handset Port (RJ-9)  
Headset Port (RJ-9)  
External Yealink AC Adapter (optional)  AC 100~240V input and DC 5V/1.2A output  
Line Key 6  
Memory Key 15 (3 pages of 5 keys)  
Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module  X  
(Accessory, purchased separately) x  
Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module  X  
(Accessory, purchased separately)  
Yealink EXP20 Expansion Module   
(Accessory, purchased separately) X  
Yealink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter X  
(Accessory, purchased separately) X  
Yealink YHS32 Headset  
(Accessory, purchased separately) HD Speaker  
Yealink Bluetooth Adapter BT40 HD Handset  
(Accessory, purchased separately) G.722  
Yealink Wi-Fi Adapter WF40 G.711(A/µ), G.729A/B, G.726,  
(Accessory, purchased separately) G.723.1, iLBC  
USB Recording Fixed  
3-way Conferencing Linux  
HD Voice X  
Wide-band Codecs X  
Narrow-band Codecs X  
LCD Type X  
Operating System X  
Built-in Bluetooth X  
Built-in Wi-Fi X  
USB Headset X  
(Accessory, purchased separately)    
Camera Datasheet  
Video Resolution 2.7" graphical LCD  
Video Codecs 193 x 64  
3-way Video Conferencing  
5-way video/audio mixed conferencing 13  
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